Wednesday, December 31, 2008

USA Today Hosts Designers to Dress Mrs. O

Hello, everyone. There's nothing better than getting the news first hand which is why I love where I am working right now. Here's the skinny. Imagine my face when I saw the front page sub-headlines on today's issue of USA Today.

USA Today asked 8 juniors and seniors from Marymount University to sketch outfits for Mrs. O and her daughters. Twenty-six designs were created and three categories are listed on pages 4D-5D. They are "Ceremony Chic", "Belle of the Balls", and "Sibling Revelry". Tim Gunn of Project Runway and a Washington, D.C. native picked his favorites (with first, second and third place for each category) and offered each student his take on their designs.

If you do not have access to a printed copy of USA Today, go to:


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