Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flickr - Coming Soon!

I know I promised pictures. However, I have failed at uploading flickr to my blog. Keep watching, it can be done. I am doing something wrong and it's frustrating me to the livin' end. The 'sam hill' if you think this is going to stop me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If You Really Want to Know...

About how to style in crochet, check out the post of one of my favorite designers. Click the link below to see the picture. Enjoy!!! - mimisatin

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd Annual International Crochet Day

As my fellow crochet buddy pointed out to me, the 2nd Annual ICD is tomorrow, Friday, September 12. Since I don't have anything to wear that I have crocheted I will also continue to be a representative for the craft.

For those of you who know me and may even see me, I am currently making adjustments to the brown sweater set and should have it completed by the time I get off the bus tomorrow. I also need to complete my brown pull-over sweater that is being created to wear with a pair of pants this fall. Even though I frogged the orange/white sweater jacket, it may get another life after all. I really need to think about that one since I am sewing another outfit for the fall. If I don't get it done for the fall, then definitely spring. Just keep looking.

I am also still working on the sampler squares for my bed. More on that project in my post this weekend.Hopefully, I will have pictures on this site soon. Have a great afternoon!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Bed

Last night I decided to go purchase yarn at Walmart for a small project that I wanted to re-create. I even got the brainstorm to ask my husband if he wanted to come along for the ride. Wrong time to have a brainstorm like that. You see, I have always wanted to do something for our bed and he has always wanted me to do something as well. Our idea is that whatever it is, it will be an awe inspiring piece of work. The bed itself is massive; it is a 7' CA-King Square Canopy and the only problem I have is that whatever I do, it will need to be just as massive. Here lies the task at hand. You see my dearly beloved husband met me in the yarn section, takes a look at some books on the bottom shelf and his eye catches a book for an afghan sampler. OK, I know you have got to have your mouth open right now. Yes, he decides that we, WE should take on this project. (NOTE: He does not know how to crochet and at this writing is attempting to learn so that he can help.) How hard can it be. I told him, not hard but time consuming since we don't even know how wide we really want this afghan to be. So we check out the final measurements of the given piece (59" x 75") and I immediately conclude that this size will probably just fit the top of the mattress. We decide on colors and the final purchase was at least $80. As of this morning, we have not taken the final measurements of the bed and I still have my hopes that I will need to double the amount of squares needed. This is a lesson for all fellow crocheters, don't take your husband yarn shopping. You never know what he will get you HOOKED into. I am so hooked I can't even wiggle out of this one. This post will continue until the last stitch is stitched. Friday, 9/7/08