Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd Annual International Crochet Day

As my fellow crochet buddy pointed out to me, the 2nd Annual ICD is tomorrow, Friday, September 12. Since I don't have anything to wear that I have crocheted I will also continue to be a representative for the craft.

For those of you who know me and may even see me, I am currently making adjustments to the brown sweater set and should have it completed by the time I get off the bus tomorrow. I also need to complete my brown pull-over sweater that is being created to wear with a pair of pants this fall. Even though I frogged the orange/white sweater jacket, it may get another life after all. I really need to think about that one since I am sewing another outfit for the fall. If I don't get it done for the fall, then definitely spring. Just keep looking.

I am also still working on the sampler squares for my bed. More on that project in my post this weekend.Hopefully, I will have pictures on this site soon. Have a great afternoon!!!

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