Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bad Weather

Hi, Everyone. I am stuck at home in this bad weather in Paulding County, GA. I had a rough time getting home which resulted in me spending the night at my oldest son's home with his family. My husband was stranded in Carrollton with no gas and a dead battery trying to find an access path for me to get home. For those who have never been in the military or have endured harsh weather conditions, please take this advice. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

I remember the conversations I had with my husband last year when the hurricane hit downtown Atlanta. We discussed any and everything regarding survival. We even talked about things that we had to do in the military that would be beneficial. I have been slowly, but surely, putting together a survival kit that would meet basic standards. This one has slowly evolved for home use. However, I do plan to work on two more, one for each car and a electrical kit for each car. Although, I almost got stranded, it never hurts anyone to be prepared.

With that said, here's my favorite website for starting your very own survival kit: There is even a link at the bottom which will take you to a recipe for "Hardtack". For those of you who do not know what that is, just go back to the Wikipedia home page and type it in. You will be surprised. Another link:

Now I am not going overboard with this, but being without power and water (today's modern conveniences) will make you realize that these conveniences can easily disapper and then what would you do?

Here's my list of things that will go in the main box if I am at home and need to leave home: All vital records, current taxes, extra cash (plenty of coins just in case) will be stored in plastic freezer bags; home and car cell phone chargers, the basics for any survival kit, toiletries, and ladies don't forget your specialty items for your monthly friend.

My kits for the cars/trucks will include a multipurpose lantern (the kind that has the blinking light and a few more). The one I currently have for my car has a small tool kit which includes car fuses and the lights can be lit by using the cigarette car charger which is also included, blankets, survival kit that mimmicks the one in the house, and approximately 3 days worth of clothes, couple of gallons of water. My son uses those bags that remove the air which is what I plan to do with the clothes and blankets. Since we had so much water and it continued to rain off and on I also suggest that you get rubber boots.

These are just a few things to think about. Even though we are living in the last days, we should never go unprepared and don't forget to add a small Bible if you don't carry one with you. Let me know what you think or have any suggestions for me. Until the next time, Mimisatin


Unknown said...

Thank you for reporting in. You guys got hit hard over there. I was stuck on the bus. Do you know it would not take me back to my stop, and they told me I'd have to do my best to find my way home. There were going to take me to PS park n ride, which was on the OTHER side of the flooding. It took me 4 hours to get home, but things are dry where I live.

Faye Lewis said...

Glad you are safe!

julia said...

I've been thinking about all of my GA friends and wondering how they were faring. I'm glad you are safe. We've had tons of rain here in SE TN too, but you guys have been hit even worse. More rain in the forecast. I just heard it on the news! UGH!!